Saving Cinema will work with the boards of education and theater owners in their districts to coordinate and document school class trips to the cinema where the students will be exposed to the movie making business, the variety of career opportunities the business has to offer, meet professional movie makers, and view a classic movie suited for their age group on the big screen … the best and only way to view a movie.

Saving Cinema has been created to expose young students to the wide array of career opportunities in movie making and cinema.

From screenwriter, and through to marketing, distribution and film critique, the students will be given the chance to learn about jobs and careers they never knew existed.

Meeting veteran movie makers, viewing their work, and   experiencing a classic movie on a big screen will leave a lasting impression on our students, and inspire fresh young movie makers to take their craft to another level by illustrating how important each job title is to the production, and how the departments work together to create an entertaining movie that is viewed by cinema goers the world over.


Students will be given information about the film they will be viewing a week ahead of the planned school class trip.

When they get on the bus to the cinema they will be given a written itinerary, a briefing on the movie maker they are about to meet, and brief synopsis of the movie they are about to experience.

When the students arrive at the Cinema they will be given a HEALTHY SNACK and HEALTHY BEVERAGE designed to help their brains focus.

As the Students leave the Cinema they will be given a Saving Cinema  T-Shirt and a copy of the Movie’s screenplay.

Saving Cinema is designed to be both entertaining, informative, and a great way for students to expand their career thoughts and horizons. Promoting the trip to the movie theater is an added bonus. 



For technology to have a totally positive effect on our lives we must remind our youth that we are not machines and there is a time and a place where cell phones and the internet have no place.

One of those places is in the Cinema.

Today’s youth is being bombarded with short clips, sometimes called “Vines” that are designed to keep a human’s attention for a very short period of time.

Saving Cinema will work to give the students the chance to discover the rewards of focusing on a well told story longer than two minutes.

At every event, before the start of the Featured Presentation, a meditation expert will take the Students through an exercise that will help them close out the rest of the world and put them in the perfect state to focus on a 90 to 120 minute story told cinematically.


Whenever possible, Saving Cinema will choose to hold our events in cinemas that can provide oxygen enhancement giving our students another tool that will help keep them stay wide awake, focused and learning.

Oxygen Theater, like Meditation Cinema, is trademarked with the intention of being available in cinema’s worldwide.


“You don’t know good pizza until you tasted good pizza”

Today’s youth is unfairly satisfied viewing feature films on tv screens, computer screens, or tiny cell phone screen because they have yet to discover that they are getting robbed of the true magic of motion pictures …the magic of the big screen in a dark theater filled with their peers.

Saving Cinema will give our younger generations a taste of big screen cinema.


The Movies presented to the Saving Cinema Students will be Character Driven pieces that first and foremost speak to the Mind, Body and Soul of the Human Being in us all.


Saving Cinema will document the School Trips and post the content on its Social Media Streams delivering a World Wide Educational and Cultural Experience.


Saving Cinema intends to take 4,000 High School and College Students, and 6,000 Elementary and Middle School Students in The New York Tri State Area to Big Screen Theaters in 2017-2018 at an approximate cost of $1,000,000.00.

The Students will be given a Healthy Cinema Snack, a healthy Beverage in a “Keepsake” container, a T-Shirt and a Copy of the Movies Screenplay.